credit card lawsuit defense

Artim Law 1-2-3 Process

If you have received a letter from our firm or from a debt collector, you’re either being sued on a credit card case or you’re about to be sued on a credit card case. These lawsuits can be filed in the Court of Common Pleas or at your local District Justice and you will need legal representation. Unless your case is especially small (under $750) you run the risk of losing a case that you should have won, if you attempt to represent yourself in court. Remember, if you attend a court hearing you become the star witness for the debt collector. They will call you to the stand and use your testimony to prove their case against you. Call our office to make sure that you understand all aspects of your case. At Artim Law, learning about your rights, defenses and opportunities in these matters is as easy as 1 – 2 – 3.


The Consultation

We offer a free 15 minute no obligation phone or Zoom consultation on all credit card cases. You will learn your rights and learn the best way to deal with your claim.


Hiring Artim Law

If you want legal representation, we make it easy to retain us. You’ll sign a fee agreement and pay our fee and we’ll handle everything from there. You will not see the inside of a courtroom.


Dealing with the Debt

Very often, we can defend a case and win it, meaning that you pay the debt collector zero. In the alternative, we can settle most cases at a substantial discount.

During the consultation, we’ll talk about many things, including the tendencies of the creditor, the court, the judge, and most importantly, the strengths and weaknesses of your case. We’ll look to find the most cost effective solution to your issue. Sometimes that involves defending the claim and forcing the creditor to prove a case. Sometimes that involves negotiating a fair settlement. You can be certain that if you contact our office, you will learn something about your case that will put you in a position to move beyond that debt and towards a positive future. Hopefully, we can work together to resolve your debt issues.

If you move forward in retaining our firm, we make the process very simple. We start with a fee agreement and an invoice. We can send these documents to you either electronically or via US Mail. You simply sign the agreement and pay the fee. Our invoice can be paid directly through email via our credit card processor LawPay or you can mail in a check or money order, whichever you prefer.

Once we are retained we will submit our response and information to the court (if you choose to defend your claim) or, we will contact the opposing attorney and work towards a settlement ( if you choose to negotiate). We have a great deal of experience in courts all across Pennsylvania and we also have a very strong reputation with the debt collection attorneys. As we handle your case, you will be informed every step of the way. We have a system in place that updates you any time something substantive happens with your case. At Artim Law, we’re here to help. Contact our office to get started with removing this debt from your life.

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