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This section of the website deals solely with Credit Card lawsuits that are filed in PA, whether they are filed by the original Credit Card companies or by Collection Agencies and Junk Debt Buyers.  Hopefully, your mind will be put at ease once you begin to understand the process of what happens and the very high success rate that we have in handling these debt collection lawsuits.

Over the past decade the frequency of debt collection lawsuits against the working-class consumer continues to rise.  While the legal process is daunting and confusing you do not have to face it alone.  Our firm is here to represent the consumer against these often baseless and damaging claims that can affect your life, family and credit for years.  We take the time to review each individual case and will discuss every option and possibility with our client to bring about the most cost effective solution to a problem.  Most of these claims should be defended by a consumer attorney (please don’t try to play lawyer and handle a claim yourself, that’s a surefire way to turn a winner of a case into a loser) but there are a few instances where the claims should be settled. We take a look at each individual case and discuss the options and possibilities with every prospective client.

Debt Lawsuit Defense – Defend or Settle?

We look at all factors of a claim before deciding what to do.  Some of these include:

  • who is suing you;
  • which attorney or law firm is representing the debt buyer or credit card company;
  • when the last payment on the account was made;
  • who the original creditor is;
  • the size of the lawsuit;
  • the specific court in which the lawsuit is filed; and
  • the cost-effectiveness for the client to either defend or settle.

A consultation is free. Please call us at 412-348-8600 before you call the debt collector.

Over the last several years, our firm has typically handled about 25-30 of these cases every month, both at the District Justice and Court of Common Pleas level.  We have seen almost everything that can happen in a credit card lawsuit. We are at the forefront of credit card case law in Pennsylvania as our firm has been the counsel of record for many precedential cases across the Commonwealth.   We have had precedential opinions issued in several counties on several different issues involving evidentiary issues on credit card and student loan cases.  In other words, we know what we are doing and we have the respect of judges and attorneys throughout Pennsylvania.

Facing a Credit Card Lawsuit?

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For starters, our success rate on credit card and collection agency cases is through the roof, literally. We have lost only a small handful of collection agency cases over the last several years and most of the ones that were lost were overturned on appeal or settled at a very low figure. We handle cases at the local Magistrate (District Justice) and at the Court of Common Pleas level on a flat fee or a staged flat fee basis.  With a flat fee, the client will know his/her legal costs before retaining our firm.  This eliminates any surprises to the client regarding costs to defend a case.

Artim Law Shield

It is our hope that the information on this site can help ease your worries about the legal/financial troubles that you are having with these allegedly delinquent credit card accounts. Please feel free to contact us if you need legal assistance or find that your specific question is not answered here. We make a genuine effort to reply to everyone. If we cannot help we will do our best to refer you to another qualified attorney.

Please contact our office at 412-348-8600, send an email to Attorney Greg Artim or submit a case inquiry via our contact form.

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