Estate Planning

Estate Planning is an important concept, one that every individual should consider regardless of age. The main components of Estate Planning are the Last Will and Testament, the Living Will and the Power of Attorney.

The Last Will and Testament is the document that sets forth how your assets will be distributed upon your passing.  This is where you list the heirs that you want to receive inheritance from you.  You will also need to pick an Executor or Executrix to handle your affairs.  If you plan on leaving any assets to children (anyone under the age of 18) you will need to set up a Trust for their benefit and name a Trustee to administer that trust.

The Power of Attorney is a document that allows another individual to sign documents in your place and to make decisions for you.  This is a very powerful document as it gives the Agent the ability to make decisions for you immediately once it is executed.

A Living Will is a document that sets forth your end-of-life health care decisions in writing, to relieve your family from making difficult decisions at a very difficult time.

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