Debt Collector Violations and Abuses – FDCPA

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act is a law that protects consumers like you from debt collection abuses.  The debt collection industry is ripe with scary individuals who will do anything to trick you or coerce you into paying money to them.  Sometimes they threaten wage garnishment or tell you that you’ll go to jail.  Sometimes they will call your friends, family and neighbors to discuss your debt.  Other times they will add ridiculous fees and interest to the debt that you allegedly owe.  All of these abuses are illegal and can give rise to allowing you to file a lawsuit against the debt collector for these abuses.  Below are some interesting posts on different debt collection violations and how our firm can help you deal with these unsavory companies.


wage garnishment

Wage Garnishment in Pennsylvania

This is the number one threat issued by the collection agencies on credit card claims. What is wage garnishment? Garnishment ...
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PA Garnishment Law

Pennsylvania Garnishment Law

PA Garnishment Law is the number one consumer topic at our law firm. If you are here, then you likely ...
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Debt Collection Violations under the FDCPA

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act is a federal law that governs what activities a debt collector can undertake to ...
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debt collector threats

Collection Threats

Debt Collectors are not allowed to threaten you with illegal threats to convince you to pay a debt. We see ...
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Worldwide asset lawsuit

Can a Collection Agency Sue Me?

It's surprising to me how many people ask this question when I speak with them. I don't know if there ...
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garnishment law

Bank Account Garnishment in Pennsylvania

By far, the highest number of inquiries that we receive at our firm are in regards to Bank Account Garnishment ...
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Fair Debt Collections Practices Act

What is the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act? What debts are covered? Who is a debt collector? How may a ...
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FDCPA violations

The Big 5 Violations

We receive a lot of calls from consumers about debt collector harassment. There are many things that a debt collector ...
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FDCPA violation lawsuit

Harassment Lawsuit – What are my chances of winning?

This is one of the bigger questions that we receive. What are my chances if I sue a debt collector ...
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FDCPA Will I have to go to court?

This is a big question at our office. The quick answer is usually no. The FDCPA is a very strong, ...
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