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Weinberg and Associates Lawsuits

Weinberg and Associates Lawsuits – Have they sued you?

Have you received a collection letter from Weinberg and Associates? or a telephone call? has a lawsuit been filed against you by Gordon & Weinberg? Fortunately, you have found this website and you have found a Consumer Attorney who is willing and able to help defend you.

Weinberg and Associates is a law firm based out of Eastern PA that handles many credit card collection cases in Pennsylvania. They often represent Calvary or Main Street Acquisitions, which are  large junk debt buyers, or Bank of America, FIA Card
or GE Money Bank, in these lawsuits. They file dozens of lawsuits daily in every county in Pennsylvania in hopes of collecting on old debt claims that have been charged off by the original creditor.

The attorneys at Gordon & Weinberg are fine attorneys, they are well versed in the law.  Fortunately, for both you and my law firm, their clients are not always the best prepared clients. Credit card cases are based upon documents, its the plain and simple truth, lots of documents. Without documents, or rather, without enough relevant documents, even the best collection attorneys cannot win.

Our approach to defending lawsuits filed by Gordon & Weinberg is twofold.  First, we defend the case based upon a lack of legal sufficiency. In general, when a party files a lawsuit in Pennsylvania, there are several issues that need to be recited in the lawsuit. In other words, facts must be set forth that tend to prove that you had a credit account, that you made certain charges, that you agreed to specific terms and conditions, that you defaulted on it .

In my experience, I have found that the collection lawsuits filed by Gordon & Weinberg are usually legally insufficient, at least initially, that is, they are unable to meet the above listed criteria. Again, this insufficiency is not the fault of the attorneys, rather, it is the fault of the attorney’s client. We object to these lawsuits on insufficiency grounds with tremendous success.

In the event that Gordon & Weinberg is able to cure the insufficiency objections,  we then move on to defending the claim on its legal merits, i.e. whether you actually had the account, whether you actually defaulted on it, when the alleged default occurred, et cetera. If this defense fails as well, then we move on to an attempted negotiation.

Our firm has a great deal of experience in defending credit card collection cases. If you have been sued in any county in Pennsylvania by Gordon & Weinberg or another collection agency, our firm can help you defend this claim at minimal cost, with a great chance at success. Contact our office here, call me at 412-823-8003 or visit our
Pennsylvania Credit Card Legal Center here.