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Zombie Debt

Have you just received a debt collection letter or lawsuit on an old credit card account that you forgot about?

This is known as “Zombie debt”, we hear about it all the time. You may have had a credit account from years ago that you defaulted on and you simply forgot about it. Perhaps you have received a debt collection letter from LVNV or Midland Credit Management and are wondering who they are? If this happens, contact our office right away for guidance and a consultation.

Delinquent credit card accounts are bought and sold all the time, it’s one of the biggest businesses on the planet. Sometimes, these delinquent accounts get “lost” for periods of time, only to resurface at a later date. If this happens to you, either in the form of a lawsuit or a debt collection letter, then you need to be proactive and attack the problem right away.

Defending a lawsuit is actually the easy part. You can simply hire our firm and we’ll take care of everything. There is typically little to no involvement by our clients in a credit card lawsuit defense matter once our firm takes over.

If you have received a collection letter regarding Zombie Debt, then our approach would be to aggressively contact the junk debt buyer and force them to show their hand. If they are unable to validate the debt, then you may have a lawsuit against them for an unfair debt collection practice.

The key to many of these cases is the actual age of the debt. The Statute of Limitations on a delinquent credit card account in Pennsylvania is four (4) years, and if a junk debt buyer files a lawsuit against you after the Statute has expired, then you will have a lawsuit against them for their violation of the federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA).

Contact our office today at 412-348-8600 for a no cost, no obligation review of your Zombie Debt issue.

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