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Success Rate

Collection Agency Success Rate

Here is a list of the collection agency lawsuits that we have completed to date from 2009-2011. (This list does not include our active lawsuits, merely those that have been litigated to completion, and I will not disclose my clients’ names due to confidentiality promises that I make to each client). While I cannot guarantee the outcome of any lawsuit, and I cannot guarantee that you will encounter the same success as my previous clients, I like to think that our track record speaks for itself. This list is accurate as of December 31, 2018.

CreditorNumber of ClientsTotal Amount Saved
Advantage Assets II, Inc.14$12,923.70
American Express Bank13$176,298.63
Arrow Financial Services46$244,290.20
Asset Acceptance80$631,744.85
Atlantic Credit & Finance, Inc.26$163,446.64
Barclays Bank Delaware15$71,303.32
Bureaus Investment Group3$22,169.31
CACH, LLC75$589,629.31
Capital One158$757,458.76
Cavalry SPV163$1,075,259.05
 CCR Trust 1$1,515.08
 Chase Bank 9$189,607.95
 Citibank 19$206,530.71
 Claims Recovery 2$21,817.95
 Collins Financial 2 $14,448.89
 Commonwealth Financial Services 10 $135,767.41
 Credigy 1 $1,119.05
 Crown Asset Management 6 $29,832.18
 Discover Bank 40 $357,874.15
 Erin Capital Management 1 $14,427.21
 Equable Ascent Financial 6 $27,979.69
 FIA Card Services 38 $572,352.12
First American Acceptance Co. 4 $26,223.32
 First Niagara 1$24,228.30
 Four Seasons Investments 2 $14,938.65
 GE Money Bank 4 $18,184.35
 Harvest Credit Management 4 $29,989.54
 Hilco Receivables, LLC 1 $14,231.57
 HSBC 3 $6,891.48
 Hudson & Keyse, LLC 1 $8,011.10
 LTD Acquisitions 2 $67,865.08
 LVNV Funding, LLC 201 $853,907.67
 Main Street Acquisitions, LLC 15 $88,657.29
 Merrick Bank 4  $9,774.01
 Midland Funding, LLC 443 $1,723,723.36
North Star Capital Acquisitions 10 $67,873.26
 Palisades Collections, LLC 11 $75,296.94
 Performance Capital 1 $1,188.75
 Portfolio Recovery Associates 201 $873,937.22
 Pro Credit Solutions 1 $8,242.12
 PYOD, LLC 5  $18,255.51
 Remit 5 $108,162.65
 Riverwalk Holdings 1$18,994.79
 Security Credit Services 8 $39,164.36
 Shoreline 1  $15,709.24
 Target National Bank 1 $2,153.97
 Unifund CCR Partners 18 $281,405.99
 Vion Holdings, LLC 3 $10,641.51
 Zenith Acquisitions 2 $2,465.97
 TOTAL $12,559,033.95

We’ve also handled about 125 National Collegiate Student Loan Trust cases to the tune of $2,467,131.39 included in the above results.  As you can see, the results are staggering. Almost $13,000,000.00 in debt cases, completely defeated. The clients in the above list have paid a grand total of $0 towards the alleged debt listed in their lawsuits.

To be fair, we have settled several Capital One, Discover, American Express, Bank of America, TD Bank and Citibank cases in 2009-2018. On certain original creditor cases, like those just mentioned, negotiation of the debt is a proper remedy. We are able to settle these cases, most times, for a fraction of the amount that is due and owing.

If you have a credit card company or a collection agency attempting to collect a debt from you, please contact my office at 412-823-8003 or send an email to Attorney Greg Artim