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Credit Card Defense in Pennsylvania

Credit Card lawsuits are at an all time high across Pennsylvania. Between the major collection agencies and credit card companies, there are literally hundreds of lawsuits filed every single business day across our state. If you are one of the unfortunate many in this situation, please know that you found the right website and the right attorney to assist you with your problems.

In my experience, almost every lawsuit that is filed by the major collection agencies in Pennsylvania over credit card debt is legally insufficient. Legal insufficiency is a very strong defense in a credit card case. This is not necessarily a defense that you don’t owe the money, it’s more of a defense that they cannot prove their case. There are a number of issues that the lawsuit has to address, a number of pieces of evidence that have to be attached to any civil complaint. I have found that most of the credit card lawsuits filed in Pennsylvania just do not make the grade.

Unfortunately, that does not mean that the lawsuit automatically cannot move forward. Once a lawsuit is filed, there is a burden placed upon you to file a written response to the lawsuit. This response must adequately address all of the problem spots with the credit card lawsuit. When we file a response on behalf of our clients in these cases, the judge agrees with us almost every time regarding the insufficiency of the lawsuit.

It does not end there, though. The judge will typically issue an order that grants the collection agency a period of time to cure all of the defects, to fix the “insufficiencies”. In my experience, they are rarely able to do so. If they cannot cure the defects, your case gets dismissed, meaning, that a court of law has determined that you do not owe the debt.

This becomes a double win situation for you.  First, you do not owe the debt.  That is win number one.  Second, you can take a copy of the judge’s order and submit it to the credit bureaus. The credit bureaus will realize that you do not owe the debt and your credit score should rise dramatically.  Win number 2.

We are well versed in handling credit card and collection agency lawsuits that are filed in Pennsylvania. If you have been sued by a collection agency or credit card company in Pennsylvania, please contact our office at 412-348-8600, send an email to Attorney Greg Artim or visit our Contact page here.

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